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The Maasai Experience
Welcome to Ewangan Homestay

Ewangan was featured at lonely planet and Laruta – a French guide. Visit the Masai Mara and stay at Ewangan homestay hosted by Mr. James Ole Lesaloi and his family. The homestay is one kilometre away from the world-famous Masai Mara national reserve Sekenani gate. James has been involved in wildlife conservation and the Maasai culture.

You will learn about Maasai culture and traditions by living with the Maasai in these very special homestay experiences - the first of their kind in the Masai Mara.

Sleeping in a traditional Maasai hut you will fall asleep to the lowing of cattle and the warm glow of the fire, waking early to the sound of the ladies milking the cows for your breakfast chai (tea).

Your host family will prepare traditional meals for you like Ugali (stiff maize porridge) with local meat and vegetables cooked on an open fire - feel free to join in and cook the Maasai way too!

During your stay you will join in daily activities in the village - taking the cattle out to pasture, helping out at the local nursery school, fetching water, milking the cows, lighting the fire (without matches!), practising with a bow and arrow, repairing the cow dung huts. The Maasai will also share with you fascinating insights into their culture, and you may be lucky enough to attend a traditional ceremony if one takes place during your stay.

These homestays are uplifting experiences that will capture your heart and mind.