Ewangan Community Project

The project aims to improve the living standards of the Sekenani Area Maasai community by narrowing the poverty gap. It is intended to expand the project to cover the whole of the Siana location to meet the needs of the 6000 inhabitants living within an approximate 700sq.kms radius

The mission of the project is to prepare and enable the Maasai pastoral communities to acquire the  necessary skills that will enable them to manage their own development projects, in relationship to socio-economic development and transformation.

The projects include;

  1. Sekenani Community Health Centre providing medical care and education for the community
  2. Sekenani Community Knowledge Centre access to computers and the internet as well as training.
  3. A water pump providing clean drinking water for the local villages.
    Orphans and Vulnerable Childen’s Programme (OVCP)
  4. A Pre-school for children aged 3-5.
    Provision for orphans and vulnerable children within the Maasai community.
  5. A Cattle dip to prevent the death through disease of livestock.
  6. The setting up and running of a safari campsite to generate funds to sustain the projects.