Walking with the Maasai

Walking with the Maasai is a 2 – 4 days walk across the Maasai land of southern Kenya, which is organized by Semadep Tours and safaris, Semadep Safari Camp and Ewangan Maasai Village Homestay.

The walk begins from the highest point of Naikarra, it can begin at Morijo Loita and upto loita hills skirting around the edge of the lost child forest, and walk through several areas as we spend the nights in the Maasai villages at Kisokon area, the guest  will be able to see milking of cows, and interact with the local Maasai in the evening sharing stories and learn more a bout the Maasai Culture.

The point of this project is not much the walk it self but rather to get to know the Maasai stories and interact with them on the way, along the way you will be saying in the villages as possible and meeting many people involved in conservation as well as leaders of the Maasai community, like greatest Loibon Mokompo who leaves next to the huge forest , and also you will meet the Maasai blacksmith  who are the weapon makers of the Maasai

Walking with the Maasai to  the lost child forest forest in Loita three days itinerary


After breakfast at Ewangan  Maasai Village  Homestay,  you drive from   sekenani to Naikarra area arriving  at Naikarra  around  Lunch time,  and   you start your  walk from Naikarra  to  Leshuta, you will spent a night at  Leshuta

You will be accompany by two maasai guides, with spears, and machete, arriving to Leshuta, this is the area of the area which is known with the blacksmith , you will have an opportunity to visit one of the blacksmith,  when is performing his work with the metals, in the evening,  and put up your tents, dinner and overnight  in the maasai village.

It is a distance of 16 kilometers, walk we will be equipped with camping gear ‘the 4×4 jeep land cruiser will be following you behind, just in case anyone is tired.

After Breakfast at the village, you’ll spend the day trekking accompanied by Maasai guides. On a walk through Loita Hills, one gets to experience a true African authentic natural environment which has remained unspoiled by human activities. Enjoy picnic lunch the Kisokon area is  the place where the great  Maasai  spiritual leader live Mokompo,  it is a walk  of  20 kilometre, , dinner and overnight  in the Maasai village.

Early morning breakfast at the camp. Another day trekking with Maasai team, this walk will be strenuous as it involves exploring the lost child to be able to reach the waterfalls and uphill back. Snacks will be provided on this part of t forest. Lunch will be served once you get back to camp. Discover various flora and flora varieties and occasionally you may spot some monkeys including the rare Columbus. Monkey. Overnight at Camp site.

After breakfast we will drive back from the lost child forest,  back to  Sekenani, or to Narok town

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